Thanksgiving Beer Pairs

One of my bosses likes to tell me that whatever I am doing, it's not rocket science.  This is probably a good thing, because my math skills are, let's just call them, lacking.  Pairing beer with your Thanksgiving celebrations also should definitely fall into the "not rocket science" category (if you want to learn exactly what is rocket science, click here.)

FOOTBALL (pre dinner)

This year the Houston Texans will play the Detroit Lions in Michigan.  Houston certainly seems to be on a roll right now.  While I don't think we are going to have a blow out, I also think it's a game that you can turn to every fifteen minutes or so and not feel like you're missing anything highlight of the week worthy.  Perfect for that awkward viewing time when your early guests are arriving.  Early afternoon is a bit premature for me to enjoy a beer, but who am I to judge other's?  (actually, I'm Marie.  I'll decide later how I feel about you It's nice to meet you.)  Anyway, a lighter beer (and notice I did not write "Lite" beer.  Big.  Big.  Big difference)   is nice to have on hand for those who feel the need to partake before noon.

A fruit flavored beer is an appropriately seasonal way to begin the day.  I'm not a huge fan of fruit beers, but when they are done correctly, they can be quite refreshing.  And you can sort of justify drinking one before the coffee pot has had a chance to cool completely (it's sort of like a glass of juice, right?)  This year I bought a few a bottles of New Galrus Brewing Company's Apple Pie  to drink while my brother fries the turkey in the backyard.  I'll post my review of this beer (and the next one too) in a separate post, but I'm hoping for a tart, cider flavored brownish ale.  I also have a couple of bottles of their one-off Thumbprint Enigma beer.  New Glarus' website lists it as Sour Brown Ale flavored with a mix of cherries, oak, vanilla and smoke.  Intriguing, no?  

An English Bitter is also an interesting way to goSession Ales are usually low in hops and AVB with mild carbonation.  They smell of fruit and oak with light to moderate mouthfeel.  Two Brothers Brewery out of Warrenville, IL produces their Long Haul Session Ale year round, but I think it's particularly nice in mid Autumn and then again in mid Spring.  It has the aroma of bready yeast and citrus, which marries with a bit of spice on the taste as well.  There's a dry oakiness on the slightly bitter finish.  Plus a low ABV of 4.20% means that your guests can enjoy more than one without falling face first into their mashed potatoes during dinner.  (continue reading)

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