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Breweriana: Coasters

Breweriana: Coasters 


Add your translation to this Karlsberg coaster.

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Secrets of the Sommeliers

Secrets of the Sommeliers

I have written about the Court of Master Sommeliers a couple of times before. This time, my perspective has changed because I am on the other side. I passed the Level 1 exam! (Learn from my failure the 1st time I took it) And now I'd like nothing more than to share the details with you so you can pass too! To re-cap, there are 4 levels to the Court of Master Sommeliers, with level 1 being a mere introductory course, and level 2 establishing your official… Continue

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Saku Õlletehaas - Porter

Never heard of it before, but I'm glad that I have now!  Great find!



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Victory Hop Wallop - Where's the Malt?

I reviewed the Hop Wallop recently and while I did enjoy it, I was a little disappointed by its lack of balance.  Anyhow, here's the review:





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Berghoff - Winter Ale

Full review can be found here:


This brew from a small brewer in Monroe, WI does not always have the most sterling reputation.  However, this bottle was a very nice surprise!  I'd buy it again.



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Monks, Wet Dock & Wet Kisses


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New Glarus - Unplugged Imperial Weizen


Not only one of the best hefes I've ever had, this is one of the best beers I've EVER had.  Top 5 no question.



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Gutmann Helles Hefeweizen - a Bavarian wheat beer

Check my latest review of the Gutmann wheat beer at

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Salute! Fine Beer and Food Festival

Salute! Fine Beer and Food Festival



Added by Curtis Taylor on May 21, 2011 at 6:54pm — No Comments

Beer Reverie

Sometimes, while in the middle of doing something mundane like driving out of Santa Cruz on highway 1 at stop and go speeds, my mind wanders and takes me on an equally mundane journey through random memories and I lose my sense of reality. I drift aimlessly between thoughts of my most recent behavior of the previous night at the brewpub, including all the sordid details that led me to believe I lack any redeemable qualities. I don't think I was being inconsiderate, just misunderstood but…

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Darkstar Brewing Co Mixed Case

Check out my latest blog post by following the link below

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Old Clarence – Boulevard Brewing Co

UPDATE: Looks like I was only partially correct in my posting about this beer... and by partially, I mean not really close at all. I'll blame Marla for that one!


I just received this message from Jeremy Danner, a brewer at Boulevard about the beer that is much, much more accurate than what I wrote: "Old Clarence is a Bully! Porter that's been aged in a whiskey barrel. It's…


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Mad about Mallinsons

my latest beer blog



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Muffin tops, saddle bags, thunder thighs and cankles

Baby got back and now we know why. Calories. Do you know what they are? One of my most horrifying college experiences was on a trip down to good ol' Georgia Southern University to visit my girlfriends from high school. As we began to discuss which road to inebriation we would be taking that night, one girl chimed in that she was watching her weight so she would be drinking liquor, not beer. When questioned… Continue

Added by WinoBeeroFoodo on May 3, 2011 at 6:42pm — 2 Comments

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