This week, I have received TWO requests to form a partnership with two different companies. I am not sure. Any suggestions? Any recommendations? I like being in total control of my blog. I am still not even sure what it entails. HELP!!

I wouldn't mind getting paid to blog, but I don't want to "sell-out"

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I was contacted by a local search engine.  They offered to let me put their search box on my blog as a service to my readers, but did not offer any monetary compensation or revenue sharing.

It's a tough situation -- we all need to make money.  Sometimes we need to think beyond the money.  How would this partnership benefit you in the short term?  How about in the long term?  If the benefit to you is unclear, I would be hesitant to participate.

Yeah, I am still not sure that there is any benefit to me in the long term. I did wind up turning them down. I really would like to not have my readers be bombarded with a bunch of extra "crap", but at the same time, I do want the extra traffic that it could bring. In the end, I am doing this because I want to, and not so that I can become the most popular, highest paid blogger ever.

I personally wouldn't do it unless you were offered clear tangible benefits (Links, sponsered posts advertising your etc lol) and were guaranteed that you wouldn't lose creative control.  If they only ask you to post every once in a while about their company than that is a fairly modest request. Good luck!  Lemme know if you ever wanna exchange links or anything, i'm trying to get my blog off the ground too (

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